At Quality Select we do things differently…..

When it comes to permanent recruiting and outsourcing, we recognise that the best way to assist our clients is to perform as much of the recruitment work as possible, saving you valuable time, effort and money.
The successful recruitment of candidates is a professional, step-by-step process requiring considerable coordination and organisational work, ensuring that each applicant for a particular position is evaluated carefully and similarly.
Full documentation, background and reference checks are provided to clients.
Our Consultants guide clients through the recruiting process, providing regular information related to the interview process, reference checks and other evaluations.

The stages of the recruitment process at Quality Select include:

- Job analysis and developing a candidate specification;
- The sourcing of candidates by networking, advertising, or other search methods;
- Matching candidates to job requirements and screening individuals using testing (skills or personality assessment);
- Assessment of candidates' motivations and their fit with organisational requirements by interviewing and other assessment techniques. The recruitment process also includes the making and finalising of job offers and the induction and on-boarding of new employees.

Our Consultant’s niche markets differ within all industries insuring that we cover all areas of our client needs:

- Banking / Finance
- Engineering
- Hotel / Catering / Hospitality / Leisure
- Human Resources
- Information Technology / Telecommunications
- Insurance
- Legal
- Logistics
- Mining
- Office Support
- Part-time / Contract positions
- Production
- Professional
- Safety and Security
- Sales and Marketing
- Technical


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